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Does WordPress Integrate With Wix?

Paige Harris Aug 26, 2022 9:28:07 AM


Whether you're looking to switch from Wix to WordPress or vice versa, it's crucial that you don't lose your content or need to revisit your Wix privacy policy generator to start over. While these two web publishing platforms are very different, there are options if you need to convert your website or migrate from one service to the other.

Rectangle 163Why Switch From WordPress to Wix?


Brands might choose to move between WordPress and Wix for several reasons:

  • Transitioning to Wix to manage a website in-house
  • Shifting to WordPress to have higher site capacity
  • Collating two digital sites into one place
  • Reducing the costs of WordPress site maintenance


Do website designers use Wix? Usually, Wix is better for self-build sites because it's incredibly easy to use and commands zero developer skills. One of the benefits is that businesses can build a new website on Wix, customize every element of every page, and handle their digital content independently. If you have a WordPress site that is difficult to edit, you might opt to move to Wix to ensure you can change graphics, upload new content, or tweak your branding without hiring a professional.

CTA Create Privacy Policy Graphic - YellowMigrating From WordPress to Wix


WordPress and Wix are both excellent services, although they cater to different niches. Wix is fully featured and an all-in-one for website builds and ongoing management. If you're wondering about how to make sure a website is user-friendly (without spending a fortune), it's a good bet.

Rectangle 161

Essentially, you want to create a new website on your old domain with the same content and layout so you don't damage your search engine visibility. Here's a step-by-step guide.


  1. Create a Wix account and select your required plan. 
  2. Pick your template based on your branding, themes, and site structure.
  3. Link your domain to the new site using the 'Connect Domain' button on your Wix dashboard. You'll get an email asking you to verify the instruction.
  4. Build your menus and insert or remove blank pages so the new Wix site is formatted just like your old WordPress site.
  5. Download all your content files from your existing site database and upload everything onto Wix.
  6. Work through each page, copying the content as you go, including images and files.


That's all there is to it–but it can take some time, depending on the volume of content you need to transfer and how many web pages you'll need to create and drop the new files into.


Can I Use WordPress and Wix Simultaneously?


While WordPress and Wix can integrate, it's not quite as straightforward as shifting your content between platforms. This integration works by running a second website as a subdomain within WordPress, so you run two parallel websites, but with the same domain for each. You'll need to work through the same process of designing your second digital interface to replicate the layout and content of the first. The idea is that you can connect both sites and benefit from the usability of Wix with the power of the WordPress CMS. 

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