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How to Make Sure Your Wix Site Is Safe and Trustworthy

Paige Harris Aug 26, 2022 9:44:21 AM
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Running a business website can be complicated and time-consuming, even if you only need to focus on your direct business needs. When you throw issues like website security and data privacy into the mix, it can become downright perplexing and overwhelming if you attempt to handle it alone.

However, there are technology platforms that can help you simplify the issues and even take control of them for you so you can focus on the things you excel at, like running your business. Wix and Enzuzo are two of those platforms that can help simplify your business and keep you on the right technological track. 

Is Your Website Safe Using Wix?

If you own or are in the process of building a business website, then the issue of security has probably crossed your mind at least once. As a business owner, it's imperative that your website remain secure from hackers and that your — and your clients' — information stay protected.

Understanding what hackers look for when targeting websites can help you safeguard your site. Similarly, understanding how the built-in safety features of Wix can help you accurately assess your risks, you can find yourself wondering can my Wix site be private?


What Hackers Are Looking For

There are a few reasons hackers hack. Some of the reasons are fairly obvious, while others may surprise you. There are also trends in how hackers target their victims.

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Reasons Why Hackers Hack

The reasons hackers choose to hack are varied. Here are a few motives hackers may have for invading a website:

  • Payment information. Some hackers are looking for payment information like credit card numbers. They may run up debt on these cards or sell them to the highest bidder — either way, it's not great for you or your customers.
  • Advertising. Hackers can break into your website and modify it to advertise for another product.
  • Email lists. Hackers could steal your email lists and sell them.
  • Take your site offline. Sometimes hackers may target your website in an act of revenge. They may try to hurt you or your business by taking your site offline, causing you to lose money. This is especially true if your business relies heavily on your website for generating income.
  • SEO purposes. A hacker may target your site to enter and build backlinks to other sites, especially if you have a reputable website. This can help the other sites rank higher during searches. While this may initially sound harmless enough, it can hurt your site's online reputation and cause its ranking to drop.
  • Malware. Hackers can target your website and distribute malware to your customers if they trust your site enough to download the malware file.

How Hackers Choose Their Victims

Hackers could achieve most of the above tasks from many different websites. So what makes them choose yours? It turns out there are several features that could make your website a more attractive target. Depending on the hacker's motivation, here are a few things that could put a spotlight on your website:

  • Wealth. If your company is known to generate substantial profits, hackers are more likely to target your website. Their tactic may be to hold the website ransom until a significant sum is paid. In these situations, the companies sometimes pay the sum and avoid disclosing the cyber attack to prevent their customers from losing faith in the brand. This works as a double-win for the hacker.
  • Blackmail. Hackers may be more prone to target you if you run a website that some people would be embarrassed to be publicly associated with. These hackers will be searching for identifiable customer information that they can use to blackmail your customers into paying a hefty sum for not disclosing their association with the website.
  • Ideology. Is your website political or religious? If your company has come under the spotlight for workers' rights, its political stance, or other potentially controversial issues, you could be targeted by 'hacktivists' who vehemently disagree with your perspective.

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Regardless of how hackers choose your site and their ultimate goal, your website will benefit from any additional safety features to ward off these cyber aggressions.

What Safety Features Does Wix Have to Help?

Whether or not you can imagine hackers victimizing your website, it's best to understand the safety features built into your Wix website. Here are some of the safety features of Wix websites:

  • Every Wix website includes enterprise-grade security fully managed by Wix experts who focus on threat prevention, real-time detection, and rapid response.
  • Wix sites use safe data encryption to help keep your information secure.
  • Wix sites utilize security best practices throughout the development process.
  • Wix sites safeguard your payment information and protect your customers' transactions by maintaining compliance with the highest Payment Card Industry Data Standards, which are supported by anti-fraud protection.
  • Wix features around-the-clock monitoring over their platform to detect threats ASAP. Their Security Operations Center experts work 24/7/365 to ensure immediate threat detection and response.
  • Wix implements a strict Third-Party Risk Management Program to ensure their third-party vendors pass the Wix security standard.
  • Wix invests in cutting-edge technologies and tools to spotlight their security position — this can work as a preventative as many hackers are simply searching for easier targets.
  • Wix uses machine learning to detect suspicious activity to help block cyber attacks.
  • Wix invites independent security researchers, "ethical hackers," to attempt to hack their platform and offers rewards to the researchers who discover vulnerabilities. This helps Wix stay on the cutting edge of cyber security. While this may sound like an odd approach, many big tech companies like Tesla and Lenovo hire ethical hackers to identify their sites' weaknesses before unethical hackers can exploit them.

Using Wix for Business

Many entrepreneurs choose Wix to host their business websites. Because the Wix system is closed, it isn't easy for hackers and bots to burrow into the code and hack your Wix website.

With other systems like WordPress, it may be advisable to run regular updates and take other proactive measures to protect your site. However, with Wix, this security is built into their website hosting costs. It can be beneficial. It is essential to weight the pros and cons before deciding on a website builder.  

Rectangle 161Importance of Having a Secure Website

There are many reasons for you to ensure the safety of your website. Three of these reasons include:

  • Hackers can target your customers.
  • Your website could be blacklisted.
  • You could lose revenue and suffer damage to your reputation.

Hackers Can Target Your Customers

If your website isn't secure, your customers can be the ones to suffer. The consequences of an unsecured website could include anything from stolen credit card information to malware infections and even blackmail attempts against your customer base. This can result in losing customers, trust, and organic traffic. Even worse, it could put you at risk of compliance fees and even lawsuits if it is found that you weren't properly notifying your customers of how their data was collected and used by your site. Luckily, Wix and Enzuzo can help secure your website against these issues.

Your Website Could Be Blacklisted

If your website contains something harmful to its users, it is at risk of being blacklisted by Google. Assuming you don't plant malware on your site, it probably got there via a hacker. When a website is blacklisted, it can lose vast amounts of organic traffic, leading to a loss of revenue and reputation.


You Could Lose Revenue and Suffer Damage to Your Reputation

Your reputation and revenue may suffer if your customers have been targeted or your website blacklisted. Understandably, customers targeted by hackers via your website may no longer trust your brand.


Why is Website Security Important?

Ensuring your site is secure can help stop hackers in their tracks. This is good business practically and ethically. Businesses that keep their sites secured and protect customer data are less likely to lose revenue due to blacklisting and loss of reputation.

Additionally, if you are storing customers' personal information, you owe your customers reasonable security to protect this information. Additionally, certain laws may require you to detail the security of this personal information. Enzuzo offers assistance with regulatory compliance to keep your customers' data safe and your website in compliance.


Features and Options for Wix Safety

Keeping your website secure should be a top priority for business owners. Wix can help you in this area by offering specific ways to secure your site. It offers certain features and options to increase your website's protection and ensure a smooth and safe experience for your customer base.

Specific Ways Wix is Safe for Business

Wix offers multiple safety features for business website owners. This can help you rest easy knowing that your site's security is already being handled, allowing you to focus on your business needs. Here is a quick summary of the specific ways Wix helps keep your business safe:

WIX 3rd party app

  • Enterprise-grade security managed by Wix prevention and detection experts
  • Safe data encryption technology
  • Security best practices
  • Payment Card Industry Data Standards compliance to ensure payment information and transactions
  • 24/7/365 platform monitoring by Wix Security Operations Center detection and response experts
  • A strict Third-party Risk-Management Program to screen outside apps
  • Cutting-edge security tools and technologies
  • Machine learning cyber defense technology
  • Ethical hackers search for Wix platform vulnerabilities 
  • Fortification of platform vulnerabilities discovered by commissioned ethical hackers

How Enzuzo Works with Wix to Keep Your Site Safe

Enzuzo works with Wix to offer superb website protection for your business. Enzuzo helps ensure customer information security and offers a customizable Wix cookie banner generator that complies with major data privacy laws, like the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Enzuzo's customizable cookie banner helps your website garner consent from your customers regarding the cookies utilized on your site. This can help build trust and ensure your site complies with all relevant regulations based on the locations of your customer base.

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Choosing Wix to host your company's business website is a smart first step toward online security. It offers state-of-the-art technology and evolving security protocols that constantly adapt to external threats from hackers and malware bots.

Choosing Enzuzo to integrate with your Wix website seamlessly is the next logical solution to safeguarding your website's security and protecting your customers' personal information.

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