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Is it Easy to Build Your Own Website?

Paige Harris Aug 26, 2022 9:29:07 AM

One of the most effective ways of giving your business an effective online presence is to develop a professional website–but is it easy to build your website? Initially, it was quite expensive for business owners to build their websites because they had to hire professional web developers and buy expensive plugins.

But things have improved tremendously, thanks to open-source web building platforms like Wix which have allowed entrepreneurs to develop their websites at a very low cost. This article will discuss how you can build your website easily by using Wix.


How to Build Your Own Website Using Wix

Wix has proved to be one of the most effective and easy-to-use web-building platforms, which is why many web developers around the world are choosing it for their projects. But some of the main questions people ask are: How much traffic can a Wix website handle, and is Wix really easy to use?

According to Wix, the average Wix website can handle thousands of users at once without buffering or downtime. However, the ability of your Wix site to handle huge traffic continuously depends on the premium plan you choose–the higher the plan, the higher the traffic that your site will handle. It’s important to note that Wix builder is designed to be user-friendly, so that even people with no background in web design and development can easily build a site.

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The Wix builder uses a drag-and-drop system to allow you to develop a professional website; you just need to pick your preferred template and organize the necessary elements using the available tools. You can also use these tools and plugins to customize your website. If you choose a higher premium plan, you’ll have access to advanced tools and features that allow you to make your WIX site appear and function professionally.

Wix also allows you to generate a professional Wix privacy policy so that your users can have confidence in your site knowing that their data will be handled carefully and safely. It also allows you to integrate your site with other programs like Enzuzo that enable you to create and manage a trustworthy and unique data privacy experience.

For example, Enzuzo can help you create a reliable and effective cookie policy for a Wix site that will help you avoid hefty fines and a damaged reputation for not complying with the existing privacy laws like California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).

CTA Cookies Graphic - YellowStep-By-Step Guide on Building Your Own Site With Wix

A professional site serves as a store, marketing tool, communication channel, and branding engine. Therefore, you have to ensure that your Wix site performs these effectively, and you can easily achieve this by following the proper web development procedures. Here is a simple guide on how to build a website using Wix:


You need to develop a practical brand strategy that will guide your web development process. This includes identifying and understanding your target users and researching your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Define your brand’s identity so that your site suits it. Next, you’ll have to prepare your graphics, images, and other branding materials for your site.

Choosing a Template

Go to your Wix account and choose your preferred template. Make sure it has the right color scheme and other essential elements. If you are working with a professional web developer, you can choose a blank template and have the developer craft your site from scratch. But if you don’t have experience in web development, you can choose a customizable template with all the features you need for your business.

Customizing Your Template

Using the available tools and plugins, you should customize your template to give it a professional look and make it friendly to your users. With Wix, you can simply drag and drop the various elements you want to include in your site.

Rectangle 161Professionalizing Your Site

For your site to appear and function professionally, it requires certain features, tools, and systems like marketing tools, payment systems, and sales channels. Fortunately, Wix allows you to work with a wide range of plugins to professionalize your site.


Final Thoughts

Looking at all these aspects that come with utilizing the Wix builder, you can see you’ll be in good hands designing your own website with Wix. And of course, with any challenges that may still arise, Enzuzo has the tools to help.

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