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How Do I Make Sure My Website is User-Friendly?

Paige Harris Aug 26, 2022 9:28:26 AM

There are countless ways to boost your website user experience. Still, the key is to ensure your visitor never has to invest any energy in tracking down the information they're after.


An optimized menu, clear navigation, and a prominent Wix privacy policy are all essential to make your site effortless to use. The better your UX, the more return visits you'll get. If you spend a little time improving the layout of your website, it'll work wonders for your SEO metrics.

CTA Create Privacy Policy Graphic - YellowFive Easy Ways to Improve Wix Website User Experiences


We’ve mentioned Wix as one of the most popular DIY website builders and content management platforms–but how many websites use Wix? The platform powers over 200 million sites with many hosted with a Wix premium package, so it's a highly competitive option. Let's look at five straightforward ways to make your website a pleasure to browse.


1. Add Search Filters and Parameters


If a customer lands on your site and bounces from page to page, they'll quickly become frustrated and go elsewhere–whether they're looking for technical data or want to buy a product. Search functionality makes it much easier to locate a specific word, phrase, or page on your site.


2. Integrate Links With Social Media


Social media posts, hashtags, and engagement are a big part of digital marketing in today's commerce market. It helps to have a presence on the biggest social media platforms for your customer demographic.


Adding icons to your website enables visitors to find you on their preferred app and initiate ongoing dialogue, rather than only hearing from your brand when they visit your site. You can also add a social media feed and either copy every post to your site or cherry-pick the highest-performing posts to maximize visibility.


3. Build an Online Store


Whatever service or product you sell, if customers can buy, book, reserve, or schedule something online, they're far more likely to do so. Making a phone call or sending an email commands valuable time. If you can create an e-commerce function, you make it easier for each customer to buy.

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Does WordPress integrate with Wix if you want to develop an online checkout? It sure does–you can either create a subdomain and run both sites concurrently or transition from one web management system to the other and keep your e-commerce shop open for business.


4. Cut Down on Content Density


The ideal information architecture on a website means you convey your message but without flooding each page with paragraphs or endless text which are impossible to digest. Instead, you want your web content to be simple to skim with clear, concise headers, bullet points, and calls to action.


5. Make Contact Information and Legals Visible


Many websites focus so much on the products or graphics that they forget that customers need assurance that if they buy from that business, they're trading with a reputable firm. Even if a customer never uses your contact details or refers to your terms and conditions, these pieces of information are vital to demonstrating that you are a credible company. Convenience is king, so if you can add user-friendly contact options (such as a live chat), all the better!

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