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Manage CCPA and GDPR data privacy
requests on one dashboard.

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Simple to set up

One dashboard to manage all your requests. The easiest way to manage CCPA and GDPR compliance.



Stay on top of requests

See how many days you have left to respond and get alerts as you’re approaching a due date.



No manual tracking

Minimize risk and keep track of data requests. You'll always know the status of each request.

Minimize CCPA and GDPR Compliance Risk

When a customer requests their information from you, it needs to be shared in a readable way, within a certain time frame. Protect your customers data and your bottom line by managing user data in one place and exporting compliance reports upon request. 


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Add CCPA and GDPR data requests quickly and easily

You store customer data in many places. When requests come in, you'll see everything in one dashboard minimizing your compliance risk and making tracking information simple. You'll also receive alerts as due dates approach, export compliance reports, and create a workflow for your team. 

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Enzuzo integrates with everything to automate deletion requests.
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