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Streamline your data privacy management & minimize risk.

One simple dashboard to streamline and manage data privacy requests across your organization. Minimize compliance risk and build trust. 


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Manage data subject access requests (DSARs) in one simple dashboard.

Manage GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, & PIPEDA data requests in one easy dashboard. Unify all departments—marketing, sales, customer service and product so when a customer request comes in, your team can quickly take action. 

enzuzo privacy dashboard to manage GDPR requests
never miss a request

Create automated data privacy workflows to reduce human error.

Never miss a request with automated data workflows for all teams. Generate compliance reports, set reminders as you approach response due dates, eliminate human error and reduce risk.
reduce data privacy mistakes with enzuzo

Don't get stuck with expensive privacy fines.

Data privacy fines are expensive. Protect your customers' data and your bottom line by managing user data in one place and exporting compliance reports upon request. 


don't get stuck with expensive data privacy fines

How it works

Add a data subject access request form to your privacy policy page.

When you use email to receive and service data privacy requests, your customers' personal information propagates to even more places, and you provide a poor user experience.  By adding our request form to your privacy policy, you empower your customer to manage their data, and you contain their personal information related to the request in one place.



Verifying the identity of those making privacy requests is a chore; Enzuzo makes it easy.

We verify your customer's identity to make sure they are who they say they are, so you will only process verified requests. It reduces the need to search through fake or incomplete submissions, saving you time and ensures you don't leak customer's personal information to the wrong person.

Automate privacy request management with an intuitive and easy to use workflow.

Sync all your software and tools in one dashboard, then customize, automate your notifications and workflow so that data privacy requests get completed correctly and on time. Using Enzuzo means you have one single source of truth for all your customers' personal information related to a request. No more email, messaging, or ticketing systems that don't respect privacy best practices. Use Enzuzo so that when customer data is deleted, it is actually deleted.



Monitor your systems, generate compliance reports and make sure you stay compliant.

When customer data is deleted, ensure it stays deleted by monitoring your systems to make sure personal information that is supposed to be erased does not make it back into your production systems. Generate compliance reports and request logs to service compliance and legal requirements.



powerful integrations

Connect Enzuzo with best-in-class tools.

Your customers' data is scattered in many tools. From your email service platform to your CRM, find and delete user request data automatically and verify-deletion requests from all your software. You'll always be in control of how user data is managed.

enzuzo data privacy integrations

Start streamlining data privacy today.