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The Encognito Blog: Everything Ecommerce (2)

    Mobile and Ecommerce Shopify Plus Agencies

    Top 5 Shopify Plus Agencies in California 2022

    Business owners who operate in the eCommerce world are always seeking opportunities for growth and improvement. Shopify agencies are an excellent resource for improving the..

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    Website Compliance for Shopify and Square

    Shopify vs Square: Everything You Need To Know

    PrShopify and Square are two industry-leading eCommerce platforms. If you're setting up an online store, you may be wondering which one is better for your business: Shopify vs...

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    Saving time and money by setting up a shopify store in 1 day

    Setting Up a Shopify Store in 1 Day

    Have you ever had a dream of owning a business or an online store? Or maybe you have had those days when getting out of bed seemed basically impossible because you were dreading..

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    The Advantages of a Shopify Store

    What Are The Advantages of a Shopify Store?

    As a first-time entrepreneur, setting up a Shopify store store can seem daunting. Knowing how to set up a Shopify store in just a day can save you a lot of time and money, and..

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    eCommerce businesses make use of client data all the time, but when should they delete it

    How Long Should You Keep Shopify Customer Data?

    Tech journalist Christopher Null once wrote, "if you don't have a good reason to store data, you have a good reason to delete it," highlighting the importance of removing client..

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    Easy GDPR Compliance Checklist for Ecommerce

    Easy GDPR Compliance Checklist for Ecommerce

    Easy GDPR Compliance Checklist for Ecommerce The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data regulation employed by the EU and UK countries. If your company..

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    Do Shopify Apps Collect Your Customers Data?

    From providing a customer-friendly live chat function to engaging pop-ups or streamlining shipment and payment processes, third-party apps available in the Shopify store can help..

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    What Are Trust Badges and Should You Add Them to Your Shopify Store?

    Shopify trust badges help you boost sales by increasing customer trust. These badges show that your site is legitimate and its features are endorsed by trusted organizations. When..

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    What is a Social Media Policy, and Do You Need One for Shopify?

    Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter are great ways to bring more traffic to your Shopify store. Growing a brand on social media gives you..

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